A platform that shows you in REAL TIME, WHAT and WHERE is happening, what you like the most about entertainment, friend´s meetings, concerts, sports, shows, and more. Forget about the static ratings and the photos of an experience that has already happened. See NOW what your community is sharing.

Download the app in your IOS or Android store, create a user, upload your preferences and start to Rollickear!

Yes. Rollick is free for users, owners and event organizers.

Because we need it to validate that you are of legal age.

You can enter from the icon that is at the bottom to the left of the screen. Look for the pencil next to your username and there you can change your name, your @user, and your description. From the pencil in the image you can change the photo. When you’re done, press “finish editing”.

You must enter the three points next to your profile image and access Account Settings, where you will be able to select your visibility mode, chat status and change your password.

Enter the three points next to your profile image and you will be able to access the red button LOG OUT.

Enter the three dots next to your profile image and press Preferences / Delete account. Your account will be deleted and so is your username.

Uploading your place is very simple and you can do it in three ways: 1) from the map, enter the upper right icon with a + sign, add the name of the place, select a category and complete the address. Don´t forget to click on «I own the place». Then you generate your username with @ for that place. 2) from your original User profile, enter «add place», and follow the steps of 1). 3) From the list of accounts you created, at the end you can enter «Add Account».

From your Original User, you can access your accounts with the drop-down arrow that is next to the editing pencil. There you will see from which account you are using the app and change the one you want to manage.

A) If you are the owner of a place: from your Owner profile, create an event from the +, with the name that will be visible in the promotion, who organizes it (you or another organizer), the category, the # with which It will be identified, a description that calls the attention of the public, days and times, frequency, proposal, target, and you can also add an image. Select that the Rollickers confirm attendance and publish a price B) If you are a producer, artist or public relations you will be able to generate events in the place you want. Entering the profile of the place you choose, within the options of the top three points of the profile, you will find a button to request to create an event in that place. Then, the owner of the venue must approve your request and your advertised event will appear in the profile of the chosen venue.

If an organizer, artist or producer creates an event in your venue, you will receive a notification with all the information about it so that you can accept the proposal. Only with your confirmation the event can be published.

Of course! You can do it in 4 ways: 1) from the map, enter the upper right icon with a + sign, add the name of the place, select a category and complete the address, you have to leave without clicking «I own the place». The place will appear as suggested by you with your username. 2) from your original User profile, enter «add place», and follow the steps of 1). 3) From the list of accounts you created, at the end you can enter «Add Account». 4) When you are uploading a video from a place that has not yet been created, you can suggest it.

In a simple, spontaneous and fast way. Enter the red button in the center of the bottom of your screen, press and hold the circle while you are recording your video for 15 seconds (turn on the flash if it’s dark) then fill in your location or event. You can also add a description, hashtags and @ other Rollickers. Share it on REAL LIFE!

The Rollickers are interested in what is happening NOW; If you delay in uploading your moment, it has already lost spontaneity, because it has already happened! The more REAL and simultaneous your record of what is happening, the more you help other Rollickers to define where to go.

Rollick is a platform that shows you what happens HERE and NOW, so that you have the best REAL LIFE experience. What happened yesterday or a few hours ago, is no longer interesting for us to suggest it in the event or  bubbles. However,  those videos will be available to see in the profile of each Rollicker if each one decides.

Yes, of course, you can manage your profile to your preference, delete videos, or let them remain as long as you decide.

Because for the Rollickers it is important to know what is happening while you are there, not when you have already left. Hurry to upload your moment while you are enjoying and encourage other Rollickers to join!

Enter the three points next to your profile image and access Preferences / Invite friends to Rollick. The more we are, the better community we create!

Yes! From any video feed, you can share with the arrow by whatsapp, telegram, e-mail, Twitter or the platform you use the most.

This screen is special for you; you can see according to the categories you like the most what is happening NOW and WHERE. Each bubble is sized according to how many Rollickers there are in the places or events, so you can watch their videos or chat and ask them how they are doing. You can also know how many people are there, so you choose a more quiet experience or rock it up with the group!

The map is the ideal search place for Rollickers who prefer to always be well located! From your location, you can see nearby places, the number of people in each one, enter the profile, watch videos and chat with other Rollickers who are there.

From the magnifying glass, in the upper right section of the screen, you can access the Rollick search, where you will find everything you need for your best REAL LIFE experience.

You have many ways to chat with people, new friends or already part of your community. When you enter a place or event in Rollikers, if the person is ONLINE, you can check how they are doing, tips of the moment and coordinate a plan.

You can also enter a Rollicker profile and send him a message from the conversation icon. Besides, from the search engine you can find all the Rollickers and enter their profile and start a chat. When you have already sent a message, the conversations appear in your icon at the bottom of the screen, where you can also filter by ONLINE users.

News arrive with the speed of lightning and you can see them from the top right of your screen, next to the map icon.

In case you want to manage the sending of notifications, you will have to do it from the setting of your phone.

In the case of Android

In the case of iOS

Sure! From the Messages section, entering the + icon at the top, you can create the groups you want and start organizing your plans from there!

Whenever you want, you enter from the three points of your PROFILE / Account Settings/ Visible mode. Remember to make it visible to be able to upload videos.

Of course, you can enter from the three points of your PROFILE / Account settings / Chat status and click according to how you prefer to be.

You have to enter the profile of the place, press the three points that are next to the profile image, and complete the information that we ask for. Many times the Rollickers suggest a place and by mistake, they click «I am the owner». We will solve it right away.

All the videos uploaded by the Rollickers are created within a geolocated place, which we validate before uploading. In addition, there is a maximum content sharing time of 5 minutes, which can be viewed through the timer available at the top of the screen. After that time, the recordings cannot be shared.

In the feed, the videos have a permanence of 120 minutes and in your profile, you can select the expiration time between never, 1 day, 12 hours or 120 min.

From the three points next to the profile image of a Rollicker, you can report it, selecting the reason and clarifying something if necessary.

From the three points next to the profile picture of a Rollicker, you can block it.

From any video, in the upper right you will see an exclamation mark where you can report the content and select the reason.

What a pity! You can do it from the three points on the side of your profile image / Preferences / delete account. We hope to see you back soon!

We recommend checking the connexion on your device. Also see if you added a PLACE to your content and if you did not move away from it. Finally, check that the 5 minute limit has not expired to guarantee NOW!

From the three dots next to your profile picture select Support / I need help. Complete the reason of your request and we will quickly give you a solution.

As soon as possible.